Mixer 1.1.0

It has been a few weeks since Mixer was originally posted up.  This has given me time to really test drive it and make modifications accordingly.

The color palette has been changed.  Less colors are in use, and aside from things that are lit up, everything is a little darker.  This will hopefully make things easier to see at a glance.

Fader dBs have been added for each fader’s set level.

The buttons which functioned to show or hide the routing section for each channel have been moved to the bottom of the screen, and their functionality has changed.  Now only 1 of the 8 buttons affect hiding or showing ALL channel’s routings, the second button in use affects selecting the track in use within Live, and the third button currently in use shows or hides the master strip.  Details are in the quick help graphic.

Return tracks are now also controllable via Mixer.  Be advised, you must enable the sends as you would normally for a return track (right click >> enable send).

One last thing.  You may notice that you’ve set your IP addresses and ports correctly in the Max device as well as Lemur, and yet Mixer doesn’t connect.  Simply delete the Max device, and load it again.  Mixer should connect without an issue on the second try.

Mixer 1.1.0



3 thoughts on “Mixer 1.1.0

  1. I’m having difficulties setting it up. Am I doing it right?
    iPad and laptop connected to the same network. Laptop IP address under OSC Targets in Lemur app. Load up the M4L device and type in iPad IP and the same port number as in the OSC Target section. connection failed. Remove and reload M4L device and reenter IP and port, connection failed again.

    any suggestions?

    • Hi Klaus – please ensure that you have entered your computer’s IP address in the OSC target 0 field and not any of the other ones. The other thing to watch out for is a firewall on the computer or any settings on your wireless router that may block traffic between networked devices; the port you’ve chosen must be open.

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